Social Service Coordinator - Company asking for bank account info. from parents

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hello, i'm concerned with a company named SOCIAL SEVICES CORDINATROR LOCATED IN HIALEAH FL, 33016.This company has been calling my mother constantly regarding a medical saving program.

they first asked for ss# and birth certificate. Now they are calling about how they need her bank info. so that they can place her in a program to reduce her medical bills.

I called said company in regards to information that was sent and the information that has requested.Company stated they are associated with AARP, but when i called AARP they have no knowledge of said company and think they may be a fraudulent company

Review about: Medical Saving Program.


to Fraud-buster #759499

they called me too.they sent papers to send a copy of ss...medicare statements of my blue cross and blue shield card


I went to google to look them up to see complaints and reviews I see a lot.

They are changing their name next month again to My Advocate.Im not sending anything..Oh yes they are from Miami Lakes, service coordinators.



Try to tell your parents to not give out any info to anyone. Hard to get it thru their heads sometimes, but at least try.

I expect one of them requested info on medical savings plans for medicare recipients and are now on this company's list as well as others to come.Better get on to this before something happens to their finances, etc.



No honest company would pressure elderly people to disclose confidential information like SS, birth certificate, or bank acct. #.

May be affiliated with Social Service Coordinators, Inc., officed in FL and CT. They recently changed their name to Freedom Disability, probably to escape from their growing--and well-deserved--crappy reputation.

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